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Porcitec is a program that manages and controls production data for swine farms
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Porcitec is an innovative and user-friendly management software that will help you optimize the performance of your swine farm and increase your productivity. Porcitec gives you decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.
Key Features:
- Breeding Herd Reports
Porcitec includes an extensive list of reports for the routine management and monitoring of your breeding herd.
- Growing Management
Pig movements, feed usage, and growth performance.
- Feed Management
Ration formulation, feed budgets, and growth curves.
- Financial Management
Incomes, expenses, sales, account charts, summaries.
- Custom Reports
Modify existing reports or create your own. Database wizards help you analyze your data in various formats such as breakdown, data list, histogram, and cross tabulation. You can also use Crystal Reports, MS Access, SQL and other tools.
- QuickLink
QuickLink or drill down lets you quickly see the data behind the numbers in a report.
- Fast Data Entry
Choose from Porcitec's multiple data entry systems. Work the way you want to work. An innovative data entry grid works like a spreadsheet, saving you thousands of tedious keystrokes. New Fast Entry system eliminates clicking multiple dialogs to enter data. All events can be entered into one screen.
- Handheld Computer
Porcitec is compatible with a wide variety of handheld devices and electronic identification systems. Access the animal file and enter daily events at the barn level.
- Designed Using Industry Standards
Porcitec uses Client/Server technology for database, Windows for OS, NAIS for traceability and NPB for terminology and formulas. The database is multi-user network compatible, with large volume capacity, and rock-solid stability and reliability. These standards provide Porcitec with exceptional power, consistency, and future vision.
- Global Community
- Scalable: Mobile, Desktop and Web
Porcitec can work in individual farms, as well as corporate and bureau centers: Porcitec desktop is a stand-alone program that can be installed in the farm computer and run independently without Internet access. Porcitec mobile is the solution for handhelds. For multiple farms, or for companies with multiple locations, Porcitec Online is the web-based solution. No installations are required, just open the Internet browser and all data is available, anytime, anywhere.

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